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Introducing the Gianello Admiral Watch – Where Precision Meets Style


Discover the Gianello Admiral Watch, meticulously designed to harmonize precision and style. Here are its outstanding features:


Nautical Elegance: Drawing inspiration from the sea, the watch exudes a sense of maritime sophistication.


Distinctive Bezel: Featuring a Fixed Numbered Bezel, the design adds a touch of uniqueness while enhancing functionality.


Japanese Quartz Movement: Powered by Japanese Quartz Movement, the watch ensures accurate and reliable timekeeping.


Italian Design Influence: Infused with Italian design principles, the watch showcases timeless allure and sophistication.


Perfectly Proportioned: With case measurements of 40mm x 11mm thickness, the watch strikes a balance between form and function.


GIANELLO LIMITED 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Backed by a 5-year warranty, the watch offers long-term, stress-free wearing pleasure.


Elevate your wristwear with the Gianello Admiral Watch – a true embodiment of precision and style.

Gianello Men's Admiral 40mm Bracelet Watch

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